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Meet Rachel, 24 Professional Photographer + Aspiring Baker *One second while I stuff a pillow between my laptop and burning thighs* By the time I finish my “about me” paragraph, I will probably have another outlook on life. My personal goal is to find the quietest place in the world. I’m the “realist organizer” that Continue Reading

Howdy Y’all

  Hi, we’re Rachel & Holt. Together we make up Traveling Tandem. The more we fall in love, the more “homeless” we become. We’re engaged, draining our bank accounts and running sprinting towards adventure. During our first 14 months of dating we explored 2 countries and 12 US States (including Hawaii). Our relationship was built around a nomadic Continue Reading

How We Travel


secrets secrets are no fun, so let’s talk about flying… For the record, you do not have to be a millionaire to travel. I can assure you, your bank account does not need to dwindle just because you want to explore the world. Don’t let money take away from your life experiences. We DO NOT Continue Reading