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Meet Rachel, 24

Professional Photographer + Aspiring Baker


*One second while I stuff a pillow between my laptop and burning thighs*

By the time I finish my “about me” paragraph, I will probably have another outlook on life. My personal goal is to find the quietest place in the world. I’m the “realist organizer” that is always thinking 5 steps ahead. Having a plan for every letter of the alphabet is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, some of the best adventures are spontaneous, but guidance & itineraries soothe my soul. With every trip around the sun, I find myself seeking a greater calling in life.

I’ve been sharing tips+tricks with friends and family and thought.. “why don’t I just share with everyone”. If I can help make one person’s travels more enjoyable, my job here is done.

Whenever I am not photographing bride+groom’s, you can find me in a kitchen cooking/baking for my biggest fan or walking my Cairn Terrier, Juniper. I am madly passionate about food and believe it is so much more than just nutrition. I love bluegrass tunes, landscape photography and hot climates. I’m an introvert that is engaged to an extrovert, whom I am madly in love with.

My most treasured travel memory was getting proposed while treading water in the deep blue ocean off of the Napali coast.

Thank you to Catamaran Kahanu for making this possible.


Meet Holt, 27

Registered Nurse + Adrenaline Junkie


The name is Holt. I consider myself an entrepreneur of life experiences and a bit of a norepinephrine junkie,  sorry nursing joke.  I enjoy taking the road less traveled by in life and travels. Much to Rachel’s dismay, I enjoy “just winging it” (said me, on every trip).  While I’ll admit Rachel’s trip planning is always stellar, some of my favorite travel experiences have happened by just wandering around or an ‘on-the-spot’ Google search for a rooftop restaurant in Cusco, Peru. I got major points for that find!  Starting this blog has been a long time coming

I would really like to give anyone that follows in our footsteps some new ideas of cool places to eat or stay, as well as definite don’ts. I’ve worked as an RN for 4 years now, but currently now aspiring to do just about anything else. That’s right, I’ve hit my burnout point and I’m ready to get out of the hospital.

I’ve worked in the ER and ICU, taking care of many older patients ‘on their way out,’ shall we say. Talking to these patients and asking them some questions about their lives has really made me take a step back and reevaluate my own. I’ve heard too patients say “I wish I had done more”. More meant many things to different people, but to me it’s traveling, time spent with family and loving my beautiful fiancé Rachel. Life is too short not to enjoy every second.

“My favorite travel moment was arriving at the oasis that is Chicama, Peru. After a one hour white-knuckle car ride, we arrived at the longest left wave in the world. No other experience has beat my first outside wave in Chicama. It went on and on like a dream. It was a great experience, with great friends.  I can’t forget to mention the pisco sours and cusqueñas at the end of the day.”

Thank you to Chicama Boutique Hotel for making this possible.
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